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Dec 26, 2018

John and Chris discuss Chris's recent article titled 'DevOps embedding as aiding and abetting'. We also wrap up the year and make a prediction for operations in 2019.

John also takes some deep cuts in comparing software development to the physical world. Listener discretion is advised: dangerous metaphors and similes...

Dec 19, 2018

Cloud CTO of FireEye Martin Holste (@mcholste) joins the show again to talk about serverless. He explains why serverless is not a threat to Operations teams and how one of the future of jobs operations will be the "performance counselor" for product teams.  We also dabble in security, compliance, and visibility during...

Dec 13, 2018

Cloud CTO of FireEye Martin Holste (@mcholste) joins us to discuss the happenings at the 2018 AWS re:Invent conference. 

Dec 6, 2018

List to Jeff Koors (@AgileKoors) talk about his experience with Agile and how it applies to Operations teams. Great conversation from a guy who has seen a lot and honed a results oriented, pragmatic approach. 

Forgive our audio early on. The segues in the beginning of the show are a bit abrupt. We are still...

Nov 29, 2018

John and Chris talk about future show topics and how they relate to the future of operations. 


Read John's paper on zero trust networking: